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Travel Guide: Visiting Munich New Town Hall

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Your trip to Munich would be incomplete if you didn't visit the New Town Hall. The neo-gothic building houses the world-famous Glockenspiel, Law Library, and an amazing Tower. Did you have the New Town Hall in Munich planned into your itinerary? 

Our hop-on, hop-off service can help you get to the town hall without stress. If you are still sceptical about a town hall visit, this travel guide will reveal all you need to know before getting on the bus. 

Discover History at the New Town Hall

The New Town Hall in Munich, Germany, is where you want to learn about history. You can see the weight of history on the hall from the exterior. Even the age and architectural style of the hall (completed in 1905 in the Neo-Gothic style) are historical.

The hundred meters space is adorned with different figures. You will see the figure of Henry the Lion and other former rulers in the Wittelsbach dynasty. The city's symbol, “Munchner Kindl" (Munich Child), is also at the top of the hall. 

See the Glockenspiel

If you are visiting the New Town Hall, you want to visit at a time when you will see the Glockenspiel. The show in the New Town Hall Munich Tower takes place every day at 11 am and 12 pm. You can also catch it at 5 pm from March to October. 

Glockenspiel depicts different important scenes from Munich's history. You will see Duke Wilhelm V's wedding and Renate of Lorraine in 1568. The show also has the famous “Schafflertanz” dance, done by barrel makers to celebrate after a severe plague. 

Tour the Balcony and Grand Rooms

You can also tour the balcony and grand rooms in the New Town Hall during your visit. The balcony is famous as a place of celebration. The FC Bayern Munich and FCB women’s team celebrate successes on the balcony. Fans gather and cheer the team on the Marienplatz. 

Grand historic rooms are open for public viewing. You can also see the Mayor's office in the building on special occasions. You will enjoy seeing these places. 

Walk Through the Law Library

The Law Library in the Town Hall is one of the most beautiful libraries in the city. You will love its 120 square meters with the glided spiral staircases and large shelves. The floral Munich Art Noveau style is prominent. 

The library's reading room was the setting for the films – "Cabaret" and "Bibi Blocksberg". Note that the library will be closed from the 1st to the 8th of November, 2023, for renovations in your plans. You will enjoy seeing this space on a New Town Hall Munich tour. 

Visit at Fun Times

While you can visit the New Town Hall in Munich, Germany, on almost any day, there are special days that you might want to plan towards. You will enjoy the wild City Hall Clubbing at the Marienplatz on Christopher Street Day. 

There is also the dance of the Munich Schaffler once every seven years. You should plan your travel around these times to enjoy more of the Town Hall.  


The New Town Hall in Munich has a lot to offer, and with our travel guide, you can make the most of your visit. However, your plan to enjoy the place might fall through the tracks if you don't have the right transportation. 

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