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Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting FC Bayern Munchen

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Are you a fan of FC Bayern Munchen or an adventurer looking for the next awesome place? Whatever your reasons for visiting FC Bayern Munchen, you will not regret this choice. The German record champion’s home holds a fascination for everyone. 

An FC Bayern Munchen arena tour allows you to explore the wonders of Europe’s most modern stadium. However, you should know certain things to enjoy all the beauty of FC Bayern Munchen stadium and museum. We are here to help you prepare!

Book Ahead

As much as you might want to be spontaneous and adventurous, the Allianz Arena is not one of the places you can just visit. Booking one of our FC Bayern tours in Munchen will help you avoid any disappointments and make the most of your visit. 

All you have to do is book your tour online, and we will handle everything from there. You only have to be on time for your booking. Ensure you also wear appropriate clothing and shoes for some walking. 

Know What Not to Bring

Bringing the right things is important. It is also essential to know the things to avoid. You want to avoid getting turned back for possessing an unpermitted item. Alcoholic beverages, cosmetic products in glass bottles, selfie sticks, fruits, drinks over 0.5l, weapons, gas cans, colourants, and any objects that can cause physical harm are not allowed. 

You also can’t bring flags over 1.5m. You shouldn't bring any of these items inside the stadium. 

Handling Children

Learning the FC Bayern Munchen history can be a fun yet educative tour for your kids. However, there are rules. If your child is under 14, there must be adult supervision. You will also have to buy tickets for the children separate from yours. 

Give your children a lifetime experience with an FC Bayern Munchen arena tour!

Capture the Moments

Remember to take your recording devices when visiting FC Bayern Munchen. You will find different beautiful places from the exterior to the interior. The museum also holds several cups of famous games, and you can take pictures. 

Note that all recordings can only be used for personal purposes. Any commercial use is strictly prohibited. So, ensure you keep your recordings for yourself.

Get an Arena Card

An arena card allows you to make purchases inside the stadium. If you come during a match day, you might need one. The card can be purchased inside the stadium. 

You will find forty-eight (48) purchase points on the stadium's south side and six (6) on the north side. You can purchase from any of the fifty (50) mobile vendors. Make endless purchases with different top-up stations within the stadium. 


Visiting FC Bayern Munchen is a dream come true for any fan and a lovely experience for any football lover. However, you might not get the most out of the trip if you don't prepare adequately. Our tips will ensure you can enjoy your visit to the fullest. 

Explore the fascinating world of Germany’s most successful team with our FC Bayern Munchen tour!


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