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Bavaria! 5 Things to Do in Munich, Germany

The Bavaria area in Germany is a state that is known for its rich culture and heritage. It is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the world with both locals and international tourists frolicking in its beautiful cities. Home to the city of Munich, the region is well-known for its music and theatre scene. There is plenty of opera companies, museums, art galleries, and theatres to visit. Additionally, the region is home to the famous Oktoberfest festival and the Bayreuth Festival.


If you are planning to explore the other Bavarian region and its beautiful towns and cities, here is a short but comprehensive Bavaria Austria itinerary you can try for your next trip.


3 Day Bavaria Road Trip Itinerary

This itinerary is perfect for a weekend trip to Bavaria. If you're looking for a more extensive Bavaria trip itinerary, Munich Day Trips & Sightseeing is a perfect resource you can check out for your Bavaria adventure.

Day 1: Munich

We recommend starting your journey in Munich and then heading south to the Allgäu region.

Munich alone can offer a lot of fun adventures to do. You can either book a tour or check out the city at your own pace. Among the best places to see includes the Old Town & Viktualienmarkt, the Allianz Arena, and its stunning castles.


Dining is a must experience in the city too. Check out the Restaurant Atelier Gourmet to get a taste of Munich's best dishes. The market is a great place to check out your dining options too. The crusty fish rolls known as the Fischbrotchen is a must-try. You can also grab German pretzels on the go to tag along the rest of your trip. To end your day, a couple of bottles of Munich's Weißbier or Helles is just perfect to conclude your day.


Day 2: Oberstdorf


Head to Oberstdorf and enjoy the town's beautiful scenery. You can also take the cable car up to the Alps or visit one of the many lakes nearby.


Famous for its hiking trails, Oberstdorf offers around 200k,m of hiking trails to enjoy and ski slopes to conquer during the winter season. It is one of the best places to see in Bavaria if you have a great affiliation with the outdoors. Build an igloo, go tobogganing, or snow bike with friends and other tourists in the area.


Do not forget to bring your cameras along to take pictures of the beautiful scenery in the area.  After a day of adventure, you can relax at the Mandala Cafe & Yoga, a well-visited spa and wellness center in the area. Hiking is also a great adventure to enjoy but it may require you an extra day in the area to fully enjoy the experience.


Day 3: Lindau


Lindau is a place where culture and art meat. It is home to several museums and architectural sceneries featuring Baroque designs. It is the largest town in Bavaria located near the shores of Lake Constance. The region is divided into two - an island and the slopes of the mainland linked by the iconic Neue Seebrucke bridge. The old lighthouse is one of the most visited and photographed destinations in the area.


Restaurant Melbo and the Strandhaus Restaurant would be good places to satisfy your hunger while enjoying the region. Cap your day with a relaxing wine tasting at the Weingut Haug before you conclude your Bavarian adventure.


Although this 3-day itinerary may not be enough to fully explore the Bavarian region, it is an adventure that you should not miss if you find yourself longing for a holiday in this beautiful region.


Looking to book an adventure in Bavaria? Call Munich Day Trips & Sightseeing to book a holiday or to inquire about our tour packages.

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