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Security & hygiene concept

We want our passengers to feel safe on their tour - especially in times of corona. 

The health and safety of our passengers and staff is our top priority. We have implemented extensive protection and hygiene measures so that customers can continue to use our service with confidence.


New safety distances for boarding

We ensure that there is sufficient distance between the passengers. Therefore, we have defined boarding zones providing the necessary space. The entry/exit takes place via separate doors, front and rear.

Adjusted seat distance and capacity

We ensure that there is adequate distance between passengers. We have therefore reduced the maximum passenger capacity per bus. Blocking and keeping whole rows free, as well as individual seats, allows passengers to maintain the appropriate distance in our vehicles.

Obligation to wear a face covering

We are only allowed to transport passengers if they are wearing a face covering. Passengers without face covering while be given one at the time of boarding. 

Ventilation of passenger compartments

The passenger compartments in our buses are continuously supplied with fresh air. Whenever the whether permits we will open our convertible roof.  At the terminuses, additional aeration takes place via the entries and exits by leaving the doors open for longer.

Hand sanitizer available on all buses

All our buses are provided with hand sanitizer or contactless hand sanitizer dispensers.

Deep-clean of passenger compartments

We have intensified the cleaning of passenger compartments by taking additional measures, such as cleaning grab handles and other surfaces even more thoroughly.

Contactless boarding using online tickets

Passengers can board our buses using a contactless mobile ticket. Tickets are available in our online shop.

Corona Warn App

The "Corona-Warn-App" helps to determine whether we have had any contact with an infected person which could result in a risk of catching the virus. This way, we can interrupt chains of infection more quickly. The app is a service by the Federal Government. Autobus Oberbayern recommends using the app. It is available as a free download in the App Store and from Google Play. 

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