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... is laptop and lederhosen, traditional and new. The Bavarian capital has many faces and nobody knows them better than the blogger team of the Münchener Stadtrundfahrten. We give you tips for your visit in Munich, inform you about current events around our stops, so that a quote from Ernest Hemingway remains true: "Do not go anywhere else, I'll tell you, nothing is possible about Munich. Everything else in Germany is a waste of time. "

11. October 2019

Enjoy fall

Enjoy the last sun rays in the city of Munich and watch the costumes race or enjoy a craftbeer.
2. October 2019

Oktoberfest Countdown

From City reading to Böllerschießen this weekend has much on offer for tourists.
27. September 2019

Experience Bavarian tradition

Experience Bavarian customs on the weekend in Munich.

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